Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dangerous Dinosaur

Recovery from spine surgery is like watching paint dry- boring and it takes a lot of time! I've already watched every episode of Downton Abbey (twice!) and several other shows, I don't feel much like reading yet and I'm not ready to tackle work things that are piling up. I love making cards, but they require a little more standing/sitting time than I can manage every day. To fill some of this down time, I started knitting again and thought I would share some of my recent projects.


I have to admit that I have several unfinished projects in my knitting basket that are over a decade old (yikes!) and figured  that was the place to start before tackling new projects. I started this cute Dinosaur sweater for my son when he was a toddler (he's 12 BTW!) and decided this would be the first one to finish. After I got the bag of yarn out, I realized I couldn't find the pattern-anywhere! Ravelry to the rescue! 

Ravelry is a knitters site, much like Splitcoaststampers is to stampers- a place to share things you create, ideas, techniques, and PATTERNS! I searched 'dinosaur sweater' and it immediately came up with the one I had started and through the wonders of Amazon, I got a virtually new book for $3- cheapest thing I have ever bought on Amazon-lol!

This book by Lucinda Guy is totally the bomb!! Gorgeous sweaters, hats, blankets and animals for kids. I will definitely be making some baby gifts in the future from this book!

I love the way all of her patterns are laid out with both a picture of the finished knitted piece and a grid to follow, which makes it super easy!

I used a cotton called Provence from Classic Elite Yarns colors, but in colors that were a bit brighter for my dinosaur.

So far, I've finished the back of the sweater (made a few minor mistakes but that's why you start with the back first;-)) The spots, the face and the claws will be sewn on with white yarn after it's blocked.

The little boy who is going to receive this sweater is coming next weekend so I'd better get knitting! More pics to come when it's finished!

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