Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guest Stamper!

Good morning everyone! Just a quick post to share some projects that I have been working on for the past week. I was so excited back in December when Susie Berker, a.k.a. Stampinsusie on Splitcoast, asked me to be a "Guest Stamper" for her blog Sharing What I Love. Since I was lucky enough to score the month of February,  I wanted to create some really special Valentine's projects for her to showcase.

After some serious thought and digging through my stamp collection (I was lucky to come out alive!) I decided to make a treat container, a card and a necklace made from plumbing washers. I departed from the cotton candy pinks and cutesy designs and decided to go for a more chic red and black approach.

The card is a much more embellished version of the one we made at my class last week, but I liked the basic color scheme and layout.

The heart treat container started with a chipbard box from Michael's that I had from a mother-daughter class last year with some of Emily's friends- that was the cotton candy pink feast! It's filled with dark chocolate Dove candies in their pretty red wrappers-this box will definitely make it's way to my desk at work!

The last piece was the most fun- the washer necklace! It is so simple, but requires patience, something I am usually short on-LOL!

For all the details on these projects, hop on over to Susie's blog, Sharing What I Love, and while you're there, check out her cool creations as well!

Thanks for stopping by and have a peaceful Sunday!


  1. Fabulous. Stunning. Over-the-top! Thank you for allowing me the honor of having your wonderful things on my blog!

  2. WOW, loved these, can't believee you come up with them so easily, amazing.
    (success I hope in posting, can only use Safari and anoymous...but you know me:)

  3. Your projects are beautiful! I simply adore that washer necklace. The colors are so striking and classic - awesome stuff here!

  4. Wonderful creations Heidi! I have this DP too, but am hoarding...don't ask me why...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Beautiful set! Love the color combo!

  6. Just amazing! These look so classy! I am just so jealous that you can use both sides of your brain so effortlessly. LOL. Seriously, I would have never ordered this DSP, but I will now! Thanks for sharing! mmg