Friday, December 3, 2010

A good hot soak...

Good morning! I don't know about you all but I am sooo glad it's Friday! I am almost finished with my grant and now my hubby gets to shred (I mean edit:), it over the weekend then it's done! This has left me zero time this week for stamping/crafting and I am ready to make some cards and decorate my house for Christmas! Speaking of decorating, I figured that since I didn't have any cards to show you today, I would share my other major projects that I've had going on- redoing my bathroom!

Our house is 17 years old and although we've been redoing some rooms bit by bit, others still scream early 90's- especially our master bathroom. Our good friend is a builder and got his guys together for a super fast rip out and redo- he's the man! Here are a few before and after shots that I took-

The old shower had glass block, a shiny brass rimmed door and really *pretty* flowery wallpaper (old owners, BTW) The new shower was rebuilt to have a more open feel and a clear glass enclosure. It's physically the same size but feels so much bigger with the wall on the left side gone and the clear glass!

This is my vanity before and after. We got rid of the boxed fluorescent lights, trimmed out the cabinets with extra molding and replaced the tops with a pretty brown marble.

The painters are my new favorite people:) They did the most amazing glazing on the cabinets- it's incredible how different the whole bathroom looks with the white cabinets turned all creamy and chocolatey! You can just see a peek of my chandelier hanging from the middle of the room- a little indulgence that makes it fabulous to sit in the bathtub. Speaking of which, I threw out my back sealing all the new tile and grout (2 coats of really smelly chemicals-yuck!) so I took the first bubble bath last night- pure heaven!

Now I have to figure out my next project:)'

Have a great day~


  1. Love it....and I'm so glad that my ideas for my bathroom redo are similar...means my "design" choices are confirmed by the! Can't wait to see it in "real life"!


  2. Forgot to add...your next project can be helping me pick out all the stuff for my bathroom and kitchen :)


  3. i have never seen a bathroom with so much storage. They did a nice job!