Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love Bandit, DD style...

So this past weekend, I decided it was high time I cleaned up my craft room and got a bit organized before my class this coming Friday. DS asked very sweetly "Mommy, can I craft with you, I love being with you so much..." which translates to "Can you stamp a scene for me to color because it's better than my coloring books and I like your markers better than mine..." Now I'm not completely crazy- the kids have the now retired kids' Stampin' Up markers, which I keep in my craft room for them- I'm not silly enough to let them loose with my markers!

I stamp DS a scene and he becomes engrossed in coloring- aah! now I can clean up my craft room. Not! In comes DD, who wants to know why little brother gets to color/stamp in my craft room and she doesn't! *Sigh* Clearly cleaning up is not going to happen. She spots the "Love Bandit" set and wants to make a card.  At least I make her use a stash of Valentine's paper I bought for her last year and I help her lay out a card. When it was done, I realized I could make a few minor changes and have one of the cards for my class on Friday done (yay! a bonus for me!).

So, here is DD's card. Leave a comment and vote for the one you like best- mine is on the previous post. Scary, but I think hers might actually be better than mine (it must be the ric rac!).

Have a great night!

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  1. Well, my girls and I agree, DD's is better! Don't feel too badly, though. It speaks volumes to your wonderful tutelage!