Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chilly dude...

Good morning! I know my friends and former neighbors in Houston are dancing the rain dance after getting a big storm blow through last night, dumping 1-2 inches of sorely needed water. Since we still own our home there, we share their enthusiasm-keep it coming!

Today is my brother, Pete's, birthday (52, if we're counting:) and I am behind on making his card. I planned to get it done last night, but minor surgery on my face (youch!) derailed me- I decided that a glass of wine and an Alleve was more in order. Hence, no card finished for Pete today.

I did start planning his card over the weekend when I found this adorable digi stamp by Birdie Brown- I love her images and bought a whole bunch (hee, hee). I had a clear idea of how I wanted his shorts to look, so I began coloring the image with my Copic markers without picking the paper first-danger Will Rogers! After I got his shorts colored and shaded just the way I wanted, I was a bit stuck over what color to do his body.

I ended up coloring one with a traditional grey-toned body and one a little funkier in a cool blue. Now I can't decide which of these guys I prefer, so I thought I would bring it to you all to decide. Leave me a comment and vote for which cool penguin you like better and what you think his name should be! I know you guys are creative, so I can't wait to see what you come up with:))

Have a {cool} day and here's praying for more rain!


  1. I love Torico's images too. Did you know she has a digital site where she offers free digis? She also designs for a company called "There She Goes" and has several adorable sets for sale on there. Love your coloring on this image. We could use rain, here, too.

  2. Rain YEAH can't believe it- hoping for more on your behalf, too. Missing you here in Houston!! :(. Enjoying your blog more than ever, however! Love the chilly dude in blue. Hope the Aleve and wine were nice and numbing and that you are recovering well!!
    Paula H.