Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sewing project...

Hi everyone! It's been a few days since I've had anything to post and that's because I have been working on something other than paper- don't say it's so! We finished remodeling our bathroom just before the holidays and I've been meaning to make some drapes to soften some of the "hardscape" of stone and cabinetry, so the long weekend was the perfect time to tackle this project (I needed that long so I could remember how to thread and use my serger-lol!).

I found a great fabric store here in Houston, called "Best Fabrics" up on Fondren- they have a huge collection of drapery and upholstery fabric and beautiful trims, all very nicely priced. I settled on a transitional print of a chocolate brown leaves on a sage green ruched background- the brown really goes well with the brown stone. I decided to keep it simple and make sheers for underneath with a simple swag piece over the top, draped over the rod- like a big scarf, actually.

The best part is definitely the trim- oh, la, la! Gorgeous beads and tassels- even my husband, who is not a frilly kind of guy, thought this looked amazing when they were done (I think it also helped that the entire project cost less than $200:).

The bathroom needed something to soften the hard look of the glass from the shower and make the tub seem more inviting and private.

I made a smaller version for the toilet area- you can see a bit more of the texture in the sheers here- they also have a bit of ruching and sparkle. I kept thinking what a beautiful bridal veil this fabric would make- too bad all my friends are past that point!

That's a look at my little sewing project- it was nice to get out my machines and sew on fabric for a change instead of paper-lol!

Coming up next- some Valentine's creations~ have a great day!


  1. How gorgeous-- the fabric, your curtains, and, of course, your lovely bathroom!

  2. Very beautiful - your entire bathroom is very lovely.