Monday, February 14, 2011

Secret Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! Whew-it was a total crush to get everything done and everyone out the door on time this morning! Hubby is out of town (he liked his "Chemistry" card that I slipped into his bag and sent me a Valentine email this morning:)

I have a bunch of stuff to post this morning, so I'm gonna get right to it- the rest will come in another post! Matthew has a "Secret Valentine" lunch exchange at school today (so much fun!). The kids fill out a sheet with their desired lunch, snack,fruit, etc with any dislikes and allergies as well. Then they pick a name out of the hat, decorate a box to put the lunch in and use the box to collect their Valentine's in after they eat. Such a great tradition at their school!

Matthew picked a little girl from his class (who he thinks is very nice:) so we made a very special box for her. Disclosure: I have won the best box in my kids' classes 2 years running, so I was not going to let that title go, so we went all out on this one-lol!

The box was covered in patterned paper from a Valentine's pack I bought last year. The lid is the bomb, though. The edges were covered in red glitter paper with a great piece of patterned paper for the top. We punched a lace heart border with a MS punch to make it look like a paper doily (that actually covers the raw edges where the papers come together:) I dusted off my Cricut and cut her name from the red glitter paper, as well as a crown from pink glitter paper. Matthew decorated her crown with jewels ("every princess needs jewels, mommy"- that boy is going to make a good husband someday!) and we popped it up on dimensionals to it sits up over her name, He also made her a card for the inside that says "You Rock" and a sweet message from him on the inside.

We added some tissue paper to the box and nestled her very special lunch inside- PB&J, big strawberries, Gianna cookes, Pirate's Booty and his card- yummy!

 For his class mates, we covered  boxes of Sweethearts with red paper and glued this cute little robot image from Claire Keay on the front with a greeting that says "Happy Valentine's Day My Human Friend"- nothing too mushy from a second grade boy:)

Darling Daughter was a bit sad to be in middle school where they don't do things like "Secret Valentine" lunch, so I packed her a bit of love in her lunch bag- but that's another post!

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