Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Texan Day!

Good morning! It certainly is a beautiful one here today- a sunny 58 degrees now with a high of 76 this afternoon, birds chirping, buds opening- a crime to be inside at work today!! It is a great day, though, for "Go Texan" day and the official kick-off of the Houston Rodeo month. This is also the day that all the trail riders (people actually riding horses into Houston from distant spots in the state) come riding into town- an amazing site!

My kids were pretty jazzed up this morning to get dressed up for school- not as decked out as usual since some of our cowboy boots don't fit:( but festive, nonetheless. We used some tissue paper to help Emily fit into a pair of my boots (notice she doesn't care about what I will wear today-lol!)- by next year, they'll probably fit (a bad thing for me since she'll be in my closet for sure!).

Matthew may be the only "native born son" in our house, but Emily sure does have more Texas style- definitely gonna have to watch her at the rodeo-lol!

Hope you're having a great day~ back to crafting tomorrow!

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